How To Lose Hands Fat

Grease fat around the fingers
Worst fingers can be corrected with the right diet and exercises. Although it is difficult, some even say impossible, to focus on fat in specific areas of your body, a healthy diet and a general fitness program will make your fingers lose weight with the rest of your body. Add exercises for your hand and a powerful grip for strong, healthy fingers that are both functional and beautiful.

Je handen en vingers sterker maken
Do exercises to improve your grip.

 One of the easiest and fastest ways to increase the strength in your hands is to do simple exercises to improve your grip. With each hand, squeeze a few series of thirty to fifty times with a squeezer or ball of your choice.
Stress balls are usually balls the size of your palm that you can pinch together to train your hand. Do not you have any? Then use a tennis ball.
Handespins, stretch bands and other hand trainers are generally for sale. Take a look at what's available in a sports store nearby, or search online.

Meridian Balls or Baoding Balls are Chinese relaxing balls that can be used to train your hands. Turn two balls around in your palm. They make nice sounds and help you to train your hands.
Do wrist exercises.

 Wrist strengthening exercises have the added benefit of strengthening your grip while you hold the weight you use. You can do wrist strengthening exercises with tires, hand weights or other household items. [1]
If you have hand weights, take a small weight (one to two kilos) in each hand, keeping the palm facing the ground. Stretch your elbow so that your arm is straight, and let your wrist hang down. Tighten your wrist gently, keeping your arm straight. Then let it slowly sink down again. Do three sets of ten to fifteen repetitions with each hand. If you do not have hand weights, use cans of soup, bricks or other items that you can hold in your hand.

If you have stretch bands, stand on one end with your foot and grab the band with your hand, pointing the palm down. Raise your arm until it sticks out straight, then gently stretch your wrist while holding the strap securely. Do three sets of ten to fifteen repetitions with each hand.

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