How to find healthy hair

Start a new care program
                                            Be gentle with your hair. Damaged hair is very brittle and must be handled with care. Your hair will look more damaged and brittle than ever if you treat it too hard. Treat your hair today with great care, whether wet or dry. Here's what you should do.
Use your fingers to get the shampoo or other product into your hair from root to tip. Do not rub your hair.
Rinse your hair with lukewarm and not hot water.
Do not twist or rub your hair with a towel. Spin them gently and pat them to dry with a soft towel.

Wash your hair less often.
You eliminate the sebum that covers your hair and prevents it from breaking and drying out every time you wash it. You will have dry and damaged hair if you wash them too often. Just wash them once or twice a week so they have time to recover. You should notice a change in the texture of your hair after about a week of this new treatment. [1]
Do not use too much product when shampooing. The equivalent of a big nut of product is enough. Your hair should not be inundated with shampoo.

Treat your roots with a dry shampoo if they become fat between two washes. After a few weeks of less intensive washing, the roots will have less and less need of retouching with dry shampoo.
Let your hair dry in the open whenever possible.
You've probably heard about the damage done by the hair dryer, especially if yours are already damaged. Drop the hair dryer and let your hair dry in the open air. Return to more natural treatments. Your hair will be less curly and less dry if you make it a habit to enjoy your hair in its natural state and leave it alone.
Do not use styling accessories either. At the very least, use very little heat rollers and straighteners.
Set your hair dryer to the lowest temperature, if you really need to use it.
Use a comb, not a brush. Synthetic bristle brushes tear your hair and unravel the knots, breaking them. A wide-toothed comb is best to untangle hair without damaging it. Start with the tips of the hair and then go up a few inches until your hair is disentangled from the tips to the roots.
Stop damaging your hair with chemical treatments.
Stains, discolorations, perms and other hair straightening products are heresy for keeping hair healthy. There is no healthy way to change the color of your hair, so it is best to stop this type of treatment altogether.
Try natural tea or henna-based colorings to lighten or give highlights to your hair, if you really want to color them.
It is good to try natural methods to waving or straightening your hair without using heat.

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