The Food Items Which Are Best Your Health

Education for health

It is recognized that the nutritional regime of a population is adequate when it ensures a correct growth to maturity, a satisfactory development, good state of the teeth, high birth rate, low infant mortality, longer life, capacity for work and resistance to infections , all this through the generations.

food diet
is the amount of food ingredients that must be ingested in order to satisfy the needs of the organism.That is why a correct diet must ensure the body: -the energy necessary for its normal operation (energy foods), - the substances involved in the formation, growth and maintenance of tissues (plastic or tissue foods), - the presence of minimum quantities of substances that regulate their functioning (vitamins, mineral salts). The diet of an individual must provide:
  enough calories
appropriate to sex, age and type of activity that develops. In our country it is considered that the adult man (of 25 years and 70 kg.) Needs 2,900 kilocalories per day.
The diet is  enough  when the amount of food eaten covers the needs to maintain health.

The Food Diet
complete feeding
and varied by appropriate combinations of products of plant and animal origin. The body needs to ingest all the substances that form it, that is, it must incorporate proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, water, mineral salts, vitamins. The lack or reduction of one of them produces a poor or
of lack.

  A harmonious proportion of the alimentary principles destined to replace the material of wear, must be the base to select the indispensable foods for the normal operation of the organism. The adequate nutrition of the man does not respond to a unique alimentary pattern. Each organism, due to its morphological and physiological constitution, due to its endocrine and metabolic activity, requires very varied diets.

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